i’m sipping fresh lemon verbena tea and digesting 70% cocoa, vegan chocolate, as i sit down to write this. the food forest is one gormet establishment. as i speak, people are in the kitchen preparing gelato to have after tonights’ cob oven pizza.

it’s such a great place to be. hard work, but great. every day i’m learning really great things like how to hold chickens and how to tell if fruit is ripe. we usually get up early before it gets hot to pick and weed. then move into the processing room to grade fruit and veg for selling, and to chop it up and dry it.

that’s a terrible task. you get to listen to lovely music while chopping up yummy fruit like nectarines and figs. if you’re not sure if it’s ripe, you have to taste test too. tragic.

i’ve also been goinf into adelaide a bit to organise an exhibition i’m in for the fringe festival called cellar sweatshop. 7 artists using recycled materials etc. shoule be fun. adelaide is full of wholesome people who like gardening and bikes and organics and other things i think are important. i like it here.