Last weekend Eva and I had a romantic weekend in Amsterdam. We met some ace people from there at the G8, who were working on a campaign about meat production in Europe . They dressed up in cute pig suits and handed out 8 different postcards with info to the theme. Anyway, they’d been nagging us to come visit since July, so we took the opportunity.natasmallamsterdam07.jpg

It was really great. My last visits to the canal city have been short and sour, tainted by rain, too many people and too many tourists. So this visit was perfect to dispel my prejudices and enjoy the city, which is indeed more than overfilled and rainy. A friend lent us her apartment for the weekend, so we had our own little space to sleep in in. My mate Bettina popped by from Paris. The sun shone. It was generally lovely.

We did an activist type tour, where we didn’t go into one museum and damned if i can tell you what the biggest church looks like… but we went to an info night, and a queer party, and a squatted block with fnb. It feels like such an international community. love it. And to cap it all off, we hitched back to Hamburg faster than the bus!